✅ Classic fictional shooter game since 2009! 
✅ Most popular game of 2012!
💥 Team Based Battle! with your own playstyle! 

🔫 Large selection in arsenal (200+) covers various types:
- AR, SMG, Snipers, LMG, Shotguns, AMR, Crossbow and more
🔫 Various selections in Vehicle: 
- Ground: Main Tank, Light Tank, Artillery, Jeep, Truck, and ATV
- Aircraft: 2 Helicopters, 2 Fighters, 1 Bomber
- Navy: Aircraft Carrier, 1 Battle Ship, 1 Battle Boat
🔫 While best weapons are all available for F2P!
📅Daily playtime rewards to help unlock items faster! 
🎁Daily Free weapon to test with
🎯 Support First Person Shooter and Third Person Shooter!
📱 Mobile / Tablet Support is available now!

⚙️ Average 2-4 Updates per month!
📅 Latest Update: 12/01
📅 Next Coming Update: 12/09
⚙️ Update Log:

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