Fight with Guns, Tanks and more!
Capture facilities and dominate the map!

Update every Saturday.
►Update briefing (2020/02/15 v21.0.87):
A lot Bug Fixes
C4 and Landmines Expire Times changes
Stat Changes for various Infantry weapons and Vortex's 'Dual Rocket Pods'
BW DMR-X's underbarrel weapon changes
and More!

► What is this game?
Classic shooter game since 2009!
Infantry and Vehicle combats!
No rounds, fight for facilities and dominate the map!
Support both First Person and Classic Third Person
Award: RGC 2012 User’s Choice Game of the Year

► Information:
Press " in-game for game settings, detailed patch notes and game rules.
This game works best on a PC. While Mobile/Tablet controls are under working on.

► Community:
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► Other Works - Zealous Fighter
► Base wars Test Server

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