New Weapon: SVU
Optimized frame rate when shooting

Game has been running for whole 14 years! Enjoy the event and new weapons! 
Play for 2 days (15 mins a day) to obtain Ammo VIP (Permanent)! 

Game Released in 2009! 
Award: RGC 2012 User's Choice Game of the Year

🔫 Gameplay:
- Modernized Roblox Classic Third / First Person Shooter! 
- Infantry, Tank, Ship and Aircraft
- Free Battles + Facilities + CTF

📱 Platforms: 
Support PC, Mobile, Tablet

📅 Update Log: 
Regular updates!
Latest Update: 11/29
Next: Est. 12/13
Game is still being updated actively! Even though we are getting lesser impressions since their algorithm changed + friends tab removed. 

👍 Remember to Like, Favorite and invite friends! 

💬 Community: Check 'Social Links' Community Server


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