✅ Classic fictional shooter game since 2009! 
✅ Most popular game of 2012!
👍 Remember to Like, Favorite and invite your friends to play! 

🔫 Large selection in arsenal (200+) plus new weapons time to time. 
🔫 Best weapons are all available for F2P!
✅ Create your own loadouts and free spawns!
💥 Sandbox gameplay! / Free battles! while complete bonus objectives (Capture Facility, Capture Flag) for extra rewards!
🎁 Earn Score and Contributes to unlock items!
📅 Daily playtime rewards to help unlock items faster! 
🎯 Support First Person Shooter and Third Person Shooter!
📱 Mobile / Tablet Support is available now!

⚙️ Average 4 Updates per month!
📅 Latest Update: 11/24
📅 Next Coming Update: 12/02
⚙️ Update Log:

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