BETA 1.2 (June 20th, 2015)
two new guns
MP5A3 for attackers
Mini-Uzi for defenders
BETA 1.1 (June 20th, 2015)
attempted fix of gun instability
BETA 1.0
huge content update
new attachment system
new cash system
new shop system
new maps
removed tactical vest (The tactical vest has been removed as of beta due to public complaint.  All persons who had purchased the tactical vest prior to beta are automatically given $5000 in in-game money and a free riot shield (value of $2500).  Thank you for your patience.)
update gun scripts
better performance
ALPHA 1.5.1
fixed weird new bug with auto rotate feature and first person lock
good one roblox?
ALPHA 1.5.0
changed Uzi to the Mini-Uzi, it now has a much higher fire rate
improved accuracy on all guns
added Tactical Vests
various bug fixes
removed broken maps
added new maps


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