I made a city version of train vs car:
kevingamer1082 for the gfx with fire! (the third thumbnail)
me: making the game
dinoboy5560 & teddyraptor5 for Bumper car
Psynite for jeep
EPICTALMAL235463 for the blue trains!

Join the group! its on my profile its called super epic games

if u would like to make cars for the game look in the social links

Have a suggestion? Message me on roblox! knightsandsword2

Drive a train Into A car, Train vs car vs truck, Train, Train, Train Simulator, Train crossing, Training, trains

Tags: Tåg Vs Bil,  Поезд Vs Автомобиль, Trem Vs Carro, 기차 대 자동차,  Zug Vs Auto,  Tog Vs Bil, Train Vs Voiture, Trein vs auto, Tren Vs Araba, Xe lửa vs Car, 火车 Vs 汽车, tren vs automóvil. Crash car into train

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