Introducing the first team for this place: The Neon Snow Shredders, led by milesdie!
Currently, the team is supported through Roblox's group system. Eventually, teams will be recognized ingame.

Note: Tickets randomly drop once per day. You do NOT have to buy them in the store!

How to get a board:
Go inside the shop (near spawn)
Click the button that says "Click to buy" under any board in the shop.
Click the slot to put the board in.
Click "Boards" on the bottom right of the screen.
The board that you clicked in the shop should appear as a button. Click it.
Tricks: E, R, F, Z, X, V
Spin in air: WASD
Level out in air: Release WASD
Boost: Hold Left Shift

Incoming features:
-Teams and global team leaderboard
-Public events (Free Roam, Tricks)
-Custom public events
-Major features

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