Trouble in Traitor Town inspired by a gamemode on Garry's Mod!

Find all traitors and kill them as an innocent, or slay all the innocents as a traitor.
Careful! Killing your teammates lowers your karma which lowers your damage. Pick your targets wisely.
Special roles included such as Detective, Mercenary, Phantom, Glitch, Hypnotist, Assassin, Necromancer
In game find out more about your role by  reading the top of your screen when the round starts.

Game made possible by Chunk Studios.
Scripting / ScripterTutorials
Animation and UI / neddleduck

Xbox Controls
DPAD Up - Opens menu
DPAD Right - Opens Token Shop
DPAD Left - Open Controller Controls
RT - Shoot
LT - Crouch
Y - Cycle Weapons
X - Reload / Pickup
B - Drop Weapon

Models purchased from Synty Studios

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