#new update only in new server
 # any coment go to group wall chat .. TQ :)

For those who fans of Digimon games...  come and join my game :) it's quite cool every Digimon is unlocked by level.. be the strongest  and protect the weakest.. have fun by finding hidden Digimon.. so what are u waiting for? lets go adventure together in Digimon Adventure  :)

#join group Digimon Knight,  you will get a special digimon here

# join group Digimon Warrior , you will get a special digimon here

# if you join both u'll get great digimon line

-Don't ask for admin
-Don't ask for level
- Phantomon added
- shoutmon added
- shine alphamon added
- armo angemon added
- done update : unlocked digimon by level
- 90% changed

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