Patch 1.3.3a:
 +Added Timer to objectives on Sewers
 +Added 1s cooldown to Brute Forcefield
 *Fixed Disruptor purchase
 *Fixed Armor clip stats
 *Fixed Relocating Leaper
 *Fixed Item purchases

Update 1.3.3:
 +Added Chat to XBOX
  press 'SelectButton' (next to menu) to open
 +Added Haptic feedback to XBOX
  can be disabled in Settings
 +Added 'Hit Direction' indicator
  can be disabled in settings
 +Added 'Damage popups' above Healthbar
  can be disabled in settings
  not seen on low graphics settings
 +Added FATAL5 Skins [SKIN]
  mod weapon only
 +Added Golden effect to Gold skins
 +Added Teamcolored Fires to TDM
 +Added New animations for Wingmaster, FATAL5
 +Added 'Rebel Pose' to Wingmaster [ATT]
 +Added 'Reload speed +25%' to Wingmaster [ATT]
 +Added 'Mac Capslock' setting & hint (!)
 ^You can now see other bullets
 ^Changed Dragunov stats
 ^Changed Tactical I, II, Bull I, II,Flakvest ranks
 *Fixed Group HP bonus

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