Patch 1.2.7a:
 +Added Newbloxcoast Christmas Edition!
 +Added openable gifts to ToyFactory
 ^Thrown spear now Trip/Push
 *Fixed Healthbar

Update 1.2.7:
 +Added Christmas Gift Hunt (!)
 you can find Blue, Green & Purple Presents
 +Added 'Merry Christmas' to Steyr, Barret, Uzi, Shotty, Tinpot, Shovel, AK47, DB, Rambo, R700, M249 [SKIN]
 +Added Spear [EVENT MELEE]
 +Added Wintermode to Terminal, Kingstreet, Shootem, Tokyo
  incl. SBF
 +Added Frost Golumn [BOSS]
 +Added Snowy snowy hills [QUEST MAP]
 +Added Cake Kingdom [MAP]
 +Added Toy Factory [MAP]
 +Added Christmas Victory stage
 +Added Acorn, Hot Coco [EVENT ITEM]
 +Added Cowboy, Gunslinger to Peacemaker [ATT]
 +Added Zombie menu section
 +Added Saviour I,II [CONTRACT]
 +Added Penguin, Gingerbread [ARMOR]
 +Added Snowballs, Candycane [EVENT ITEM]
 +Added 'Christmas Decoration' to Bat [ATT]
 ^Snipers recieve 80% ADS accuracy boost
  normal guns receieve 20%
 ^Barret Buffed
...for more see wikia

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