[HUGE WARNING]: The Top 10 leaderboard will be reset when the game reaches Beta. Highest killstreak, killstreaks, titles, and emblems will be saved.

WARNING: The game is in testing, which means that bugs are very likely to occur. If you find any, please send NowDoTheHarlemShake or ashmaries a message, or post it on the group wall!

Square Up is a game where you trigger tiles to fall by walking on them and earn kills by forcing your opponents to fall through the hole left by the tiles. You can use boosts, and killstreaks to help you make opponents fall.

MOST RECENT UPDATE (5/20/18): SIGNIFICANTLY LESS LAG! New RACETRACK Map. New SETTINGS option bottom left of your screen (currently lets you turn off music). Top 10 All Time Players now have a symbol over their head in game to show off! The Kill tracker system is now PERFECTED. I think. Let us know ;P

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