There is only one person working on the game currently. Please be patient about new updates!

Team up with your friends and survive from an endless horde of zombies! 
Play the co-op story mode and immerse yourself in the universe of Zombie Blitz!

Make sure to join the group and follow us @PandemicRBLX!

PC Controls -
M - Mute Music (Zombie Blitz) 
F - Melee
G - Donate
Scroll Out/In - Third Person
C - Switch Third Person Sides

Controller Controls -
RT - Fire Weapon
LT - Aim
B - Interact (When Prompted)
LSTICKDOWN (L3) = Sprint
Back - Interact with UI Elements

Mobile Controls -
Use the on-screen buttons to aim, fire, sprint and interact.

Weapons by Theta0 (UMP by @RBLXMcNub) 
Lobby Music by @BSlickComposer
Music "Collide" by Airhead Music


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