Okay, ff doesn't work as it should ;-; Want Rita in your game? Get the NPC now! Okay, now it SHOULD be for sale. lol sorry i forgot YES! I finally managed to remove all viruses in my studio! The game is so smooth now!! :)))))))) God mode! Now you can play with people and won't have to worry about being killed! :) And don't forget that shutdown = updates Please note that i am not a scripter so i can't put whatever in this game. Like TMM? Well you can play it by yourself! No more stress and kill many npc's :D (Stlll under W.I.P) and i suck at scripting ## # #### free models :/ Credit to the people who made some stuff. Credit to BurnthekidRS for making the character base Credit to Edison1318, luaScriptor, and loleris for the knifes ---------------------IGNORE-BELOW-------------------------------------(tags) gun, murder,

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