(Update: 10/21/2021) Hello guys! It's been literal years and a lot has happened in my life, I haven't touched this game in literal years and since then I've been through quite a bit. For my story here this game was originally called "Jump over the titanic in a monster truck" or something along those lines. Now when I was a kiddo (roughly year 2011-2012?) I used a lot of 'free models' in my game and had actually felt bad for creating a game that reached front page using basically only free models. Back then I thought I was cheating by just putting together a bunch of free models to create this game and ended up deleting the whole thing. Now that I am in my 20's I've realized just let people have fun regardless of how the heck I made it, so I am sorry to those who enjoyed this game in the past. Since then I've reverted it today so those who want to can enjoy it once more.

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