Updates: Added Skins. There are Grade 3 of them done already.
RoHedge Engine is a ROBLOX-based 3D/2D Sonic development kit using all 3 Sonic Gameplays into one. Classic, Dreamcast, and Modern with the style of Generations, used for Sonic Fan games like Sonic Multiverse and Unleashed (ROBLOX Edition). I hope you guys enjoy the Engine that I'm about to use for future sonic fan games. Make sure to Follow and Favorite this game for more detail/information and more updates. Enjoy!

 Credits: Creator - ProjectSonicGames / Xx3KennyMcCormick3xX 
Developers - ProjectSonicGames, Platformerr, MaikeruJonson_JP3
Level Designers - majae102
Idea Implementer - sonic_yt26

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