-Recent update: Added Log-In rewards! Wait 1 hour and rejoin a game to receive 20 RoCoins!

In the Player Point Casino you spend Virtual RoCoin's to play slot machines and other fun exciting games. From these slot machines and other games, you can win RoTicket's. Once you win some RoTicket's you can turn them in to player point's at the Redemption Center!

Player Point Casino
-Over 30 Slot Machines!
-Coin Wheel
-The Puzzler
-Premium Access (RoWheel + 4 New Cheaper Slots)
-Convert In-Game RoTickets to Roblox Player Points or RoCoin's
-In-game Store to buy RoCoins and RoTicket's
-15 Minute Free Coin Spin! 
-Casino Atmosphere
-If you run out of RoCoin's....Wait 2 minutes in the game and you will receive 1...or you can buy more in the game!

-If you run out of C

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