~Join this GROUP for EPIC VIP:

Update: Added Vip Room with awesome stuff inside! Join the group to be able to enter it! 

~swim, make friends and hangout in this awsome place!~

-This is nothing like any other hangouts, the places and things to do are fun and are brilliant  & clever.

 And ROBLOX Do not shut this down again! It's not that bad it's a place where everyone have fun whoever onlines date you can ban them ._.  Make Friends and Hangout.. Swim in the water the awesome thing is YOU DON'T NEED A SWIM TOOL! It's auto c;

Shut Down= Updates

*If anyone ANYONE has the same name "Girls & Boys Hangout!" Those once are fake like the creator "dark1020" She copy my place and my friends place too! The real creator is me!*

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