40k Visits Party! Yay! Red, White, and Blue! WooHoo! More Updates Comming Soon. Welcome to Destroy the Giant Robot. I'm proud to announce that there will be free V.I.P for the next while! =)
Sorry, i lost my bc. So i made free vip! ...Send in ideas for my place to me! If i decide to use it, i may give credit, and i will most likely reward you! Thank you, everyone who has contributed in anyway, with ideas, or suggestions, and i Greatly appriciate it! Also, I send out a Thank you, to everyone who has favorited my place, and has worked together with ideas to help make my place better. Thank you to everyone who has favorited my place! ..::Please note that i may change the color of everything based on how many of you want it::... The Current Theme is Original Style.
I do not tolerate noobs. If you are one of them, i will ban you from my place, permanently. Don't forget to comment! ▬▬▬Commands- Say "robot" to regen the giant robot. "turrets" to regen turrets, and "planes" to regen planes.

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