Credit to Stealth Pilot for his ally GUI script. Kudos. 
Offical thread/GUIDE:
	Long ago a culture unique to its own formed in Robloxia. They were called Tsume Kaji. The Tsume Kaji lived daily along side ancient creatures called Fushichou. These flaming birds ruled their lands and showed them how to construct great temples, such as the great Telamon Temple amidst the mountain.
	 Recently a group of exploders landed on a mysterious island to find one such temple. The greatest temple of all the Tsume Kaji. This temple was a pure white tower that the Tsume Kaji used to interact with the Fushichou. However the discovery came at a price... The crew turned greedy, and then turned on one another! Now you, one of the crew, must fight to survive on this epic battle ground!

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