-- Important: The button on the far left of the contorl panal starts the train. 1 train must be on the brakes behind the station to start the ride. you may need to wait 5 - 8 min. --

Shockwave was a roller coaster that opened on June 3rd 1988* as the worlds tallest, fastest roller coaster with 3 Loops, 2 Corckscrews and 1 Batwing(2 inversion element) for a total of 7 inversions(times turned up-side-down). It had a maxium speed of 65 mph and a total track length of about 3,900 ft. It was 170 ft high with a drop of 155 ft Shockwave was Located at Six Flags Great America. It was torn down in 2002 and it's track and structure melted in 2004. It was replaced by Superman Ultimate Flight.

Some Credit goes to Starmarine614, and PianomanEric.
ShockWave is Roblox's first *Complete* roller coaster to feature Spine, Ties and realistic supports. 

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