[Version] (0,56,8) Thank You Guys For Making It 500 Visits Make It 1000! New Update!

The Picture In The Game Is Not The Real Version. I Just Don't Want To Edit :) 

[Fun Game Easy Tycoon Mini Obby! Fight And Be The King In A Server!]

Melee Gear & Ranged Gear is allowed on this place...

Creator : Cidhenri1 
Model : Berezaa 

[Nuclear Updates ☢ Updated]: (" Update Coming Soon ")
*Added A Mini Obby For Path Giver.
*Vip Rooms Are Done... Also added talking berezaa LOL!
*Admin Room Is finished, Vip,SuperVip room is (WIP)
*Added Vip,SuperVip,Admin Room... Underdevelopment... still not working don't worry will be fixed...

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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