Alternate Paradigm


Well this game sucked, but thats fine. It was just a test of random generation that I wanted to test. The new project I am working on is more of a game than a tech-demo. It is in space, on a space station, because I love space and sci-fi. Currently, it features:

-Dynamic Airloss
-Dynamic Event Logging System
-4 Separate Sectors that interact with each other
-Its own computer OS for the space station
-Custom gun similar to turbo's shinanigans
-A simplistic, but detailed, miniature nuclear reactor

Its taking me forever to make, and will not be done for months, maybe for a year. I might even lose interest before it is ever "finished". However, since the last thing I uploaded was a pile of malarky, I decided to hint at this new project and get the hype train possibly rolling for something more exciting. It is also going to "loosely" fall under the horror survival genre. I'm trying to think up a suitable smart, terrifying AI creature/enemy/antagonist and haven't thought up anythi
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