How Fast Can You Click? ~Soon To Be PVP,TOW, Game~


Future Updates: Base Game ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Latest Update: Compelted Arcade Game "How Fast Can You Click", in beta room
Made Beta Room 
Description: Basically the point of the game is simple. When the game starts it will teleport you to a randomized car. It will then tell you to get ready to click as fast as you can on a button which I will script to tell how many times it has been clicked. Depending on how long I want you button mashing the click button for (lol) you will not be able to click the button anymore and again your clicks will be shown somewhere you can see. Then depending on the number of clicks you have, will determine how far your car goes, for example clicking the button 50 times will make your car go farther then clicking it 40 times. I am still making this map and deciding on everything so yea =P.
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