Waterfall v6 beta 2 adds
-New Base (Haven't been seen to anyone else)
removed a lot unnecessary scripts 
-added some new features 
-Fixed Bug Where in beta 1 host menu would not work
-Fixed Bug Where in beta 1 Visions would not show up
-Added new menu (spawn Menu) 

makes so you can do fun things open to anyone that wants to try it out

Update V.5.0.0
-Adds Object Spawner (models)
-adds Teleport (tp any where on the map)
-adds Anti Godmode (so anyone else In the lobby cant use it)
-adds More Visions
-Fixes Higher Jumb
-Fixes Faster Speed
-fixes a bunch of bugs

Buy Full Access (includes)
-admin only
-always host 
-Get To Test Beta Features Before Other People And Receive
-And Get any new stuff released in the future (Admin Stuff)

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