Armored Patrol v9.0


Sorry for long wait for this update!  Probably will need some balancing as new types of weapons (tracking/guided missiles) are added.  

Let me know if I messed something up (I know about random sounds stopping).  Much thanks to ArmoredPatrolHero for help debugging!

As always, have fun!    New in v9.0:

PGS physics!  Vehicles all have suspension now, and flexible (looking) treads.  Easier, more realistic handling and less bouncy.

M4 Sherman tank.
New missile truck with guided and tracking missiles (must sit in back to work missiles, they constantly aim per your mouse cursor, not snap rotate like other vehicles).  Chinook has them too.
New camera handling, using Invisicam.  Also, your vehical still partly visible when zoomed all the way in so you can check its status.
New save system, all points earned this session (spent or not) are saved (up to max of 3000). Also, if you get disconnected and rejoin within an hour, all your prior points are restored.
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