READ: This Game Is For The Haha Funny, So If Any Of This Bothers You Then Just Don't Play It I Guess.

I know this game blew up but I'm quitting development on this game, it has really buggy script and lags studio so I have too, I also really don't know how to handle this many players. I will still be working on other games like ways to Epicly Have a Battle Royale.

WARNING: This Game Contains Many LOUD Sounds So Turn Down Ur Volume.

In This Game This Is You > 😵

Other Stuff
 - If you have any ideas you want added or any bugs fixed please join the group to post them. (Check my profile to find it)
 - If You Are On Mobile Click Your Screen After IO Sec To Respawn
 - If I Shut The Game Down Its Prob. That I Need To Fix The Game Or A Update, I Join Mostly After So You Don't Need To Leave.
 - E To Sit
 - Jump While In The Air To Double Jump
 - R To Reset
 - Shift To Run
 - This Is Mostly A Parody 

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