Very very early alpha release :c 
=Discontinued project=
Don't fret, I might remake this game or someone else might make a better one :)
Update Log :
"Kinda like hide and seek with jumpscares"
-Some anonymous user who's name I forgot
There are currently 2 gamemodes : Survival and Colonial Marines
Xenomorph/Alien controls : q for ceiling crawl, shift to run
Humans : F-Flaslight R-Reload Click-Shoot(if weapon equiped)

soon :
moar gamemodes and maps
bug fixes

Want to create a map for this game? 
Rules > No Locked Rooms, Dark spots, Vents must be used for every room
PM me the model and I'll pm you once I get it.

Based on the famous "Alien" franchise


There are currently no running experiences.