Major League Kohlii

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Jump in and team up for every Matoran's favorite sport: Kohlii! A mixture of Soccer, Hockey, and Lacrosse, this game is typically played in a tight arena with 2-6 teams against each other at once. Teams consist of a goalie and 1 or 3 defenders, depending on the size of the field.

A round will begin when 2 or more players click Spawn. Controls are:
 - [Left Click] to pickup / steal / throw the ball
 - [Q], [E], and [F] to perform moves with your stick. Useful for dribbling the ball rather than carrying it.

Madness you say? THIS, IS, KOHLII!

Yes, this is going to stick to a more classic Bionicle theme, not my Nuva project. Don't worry.

Hopes for this game:
 - to be a personal benchmark for rounds and match-making
 - to be enjoyable with as few as 4 players
 - to push my limits of giving players a personal character
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