A showcase of various scripts I've been inside script builders. The recommended ones if just looking at a few are 'Shadows' and 'Tentacle'. Commands are...

reset - Reset your character
clean - Clean up the map
noscripts - Removes scripts from your backpack
run/ - Name after '/' to run script.

The scripts are (ignore parenthesis):
Claymore (2010ish)
>Click to attack
>Z to teleport (kinda broken)
Dragon (2011ish)
>Click to change direction
>Q to shoot fireballs
>E to spawn lightning (kinda broken)
>R to roar
Fireball (2014ish)
>Hold F to charge, then release to shoot
House (2009ish)
KaitoKid (2012ish and broken)
Rain (2010ish)
>Too many chat commands to bother listing
Shadows (2014ish)
>Hold shift to charge energy
>Hold F to hold 'spear', release to shoot
>Hold R to hold lots of spears above your head, release to shoot
>Hold V to shoot dark lightning
Tail (2014ish)
Tentacle (2015ish)
>C and click to spawn tentacles
>T to set auto-kill mode
>F and click pl


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