Want to advertise your group in my game in exchange for robux? Message me and people in your group will get special armor in this game!

Main scripters: SYKOxXvenomXx

I have now fixed the tomb king, you can now continue with the main quest :D. Next Job: Work on the VIPs.

Join this group for awesome armor in the next update:

100% goes to Jordymac.

After the events of Ethereal Shift, you were forsaken and sent far, far away, to the lands of Hawkhaven. It is up to you to save your new home from the Nether Effect!

Nicecream ,TwoShue ,Telamon ,Builderman ,bears ,noob ,robloxaville ,lab ,jared ,zombies ,infection , lol ,funny ,wierd ,animals ,zoo ,t

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