[Played by Tofuu!]

Update (3/27/2020):
-TEAMS! Police and Citizens now stand out!
(Note: due to demand, teamkilling IS a thing. Keeps things interesting.)
-New music
-Parking garage (mainly for show I guess)
-Billboards for advertisers that may be you.

Welcome to BattleOof! A game in which you battle in city that was once simple, but is now nothing but a war zone. You up for the fight?

[GAMEPASS NOTE: You may need to rejoin the game if you bought a gamepass while in the game. Thank you!]

Have any suggestions? Feel free to PM Lettered or comment on the group wall! (Badge comment section disabled due to scammers.)

DuncanDunclub - Concept and Scripting
Cirek - Ingame music player
little5 - Gamepass Scripting
Lettered - Map builder

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