2.2 Notes 
-Fixed Space Teleport
-Moved Peach's Castle rooms far enough to be unseen

2.1.6 Notes - Added even more detail to Bowser's Castle
- Added 2 more characters
- Fixed Subspace Doors

2.1.3 Notes:
- Added More Detail to Bowser's Castle

2.1.2 Notes:
- Moved Bowser's Castle Farther Away and Added Skybox to it
- Edited Tower of Life to be more detailed
- Added pine trees to main area
- Added more detail to Peach's Castle

2.1 Notes:
- Added Whomp's Fortress. (Available through Peach's Castle)
- Removed a couple badly made characters

2.0 Notes: - Added Animal Crossing Area. (Availiable through Subspace)
- Removed ALOT of Lag
- Remodeled many characters
- Removed Super VIP

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