Currently re-writing the framework and overhauling the game. The update will be released soon.

What you see here is basically a year old, but wanted to get reviews before I do anything more with it.
Jackpot Spinner added, 1 FREE spin per hour. 20R$ or 2,500 in-game cash per extra spin. 

A game brought to you by CodeWrighter and Qwertygiy. In this game, your objective is to explode, burn down, or otherwise destroy, demolish and obliterate the structure given to your team by the end of the round. Work quickly, so you can out-smash your opponents to win more points to upgrade your weapons of destruction! 

Press "Q" while holding a weapon to get more information about it.

Thanks for the thumbs up and favorites! :) Glad y'all enjoy it!

- CodeWrighter and Qwertygiy

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