Relive the code, tell the tale.

Warriors Cats~ Forest Territory

A game created by Vizavi


Warrior Cats~ Forest Territory is based off the book series Warriors. There are many sites available to explain how the world of Warriors works online. Do not get upset if you get kicked from the game for breaking the rules.
To teleport to the map, you must have morphed into a cat first.


Moderators: mcDennys, 666Iucifer, AquaAsura, hoIIydusk, confIiict, askcas, dumbdoII, lceyyy, seppekuing, and starry_mornings.

Thumbnails by: smellyjay123, wont_obey, Arrrisa, and Ravendore
Icon by: Ravendore


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Huge thanks to Stell_aris and supdude239v for helping the game!

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