Super new servers include A NEW ROBOT SKIN, chat tags for those who have premium (which by the way is now 7 days of premium for 500 crystals instead of 4 days!), and XP fixes.

New updates include:
PREMIUM! You can buy premium by clicking on the premium button under the mute button. Perks of premium are listed there.
Robot morph cycling (you reuse previous robot morphs instead of maxing out on the ninja one)
Mobile punch button is fixed when you die
Other small bug fixes

If you have any questions, bugs, or rebalancing issues, tell us on the group wall!

🤖 Practice and battle to be the most powerful robot in the Robot in the world! Team up with your buddies and dominate all in this action packed game! 

🐦Use the code "x10XPBoost" for a XP multiplier of 10!

💵 Get different types of crystals around the map.

👜 Purchase different boosts and obtain trails.

โšก Rebirth to become stronger and faster!

🎮 E to Punch

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