Welcome to Burger Bay! Work as a team to fulfill orders as a cashier, cook, server, supplier or delivery driver! Use the money you earn to buy and decorate your home and to purchase other fun content! 

What's New? (Version 0.5.0a)
🌞 The snow has melted! The map is back to it's beautiful green state.

Version 0.4.0a
❄️ Made the map winter themed

Version 0.3.0a
👻 Added a new "Spooky" furniture set
🍂 The map is now fall / Halloween themed
💬 Fixed feedback and bug reports not sending
📱 Fixed a handful of mobile UI bugs

Version 0.2.0a
🤑 Made paycheck popup less intrusive
🚓 Improved vehicles
📱 Improved mobile controls
🛠️ Fixed a handful of bugs


There are currently no running experiences.