Welcome to Burger Bay! Work as a team to fulfill orders as a cashier, cook, server, supplier or delivery driver! Use the money you earn to buy and decorate your home and to purchase other fun content! 

What's New? (Version 0.4.0a)
❄️ Made the map winter themed

Version 0.3.0a
👻 Added a new "Spooky" furniture set
🍂 The map is now fall / Halloween themed
💬 Fixed feedback and bug reports not sending
📱 Fixed a handful of mobile UI bugs

Version 0.2.0a
🤑 Made paycheck popup less intrusive
🚓 Improved vehicles
📱 Improved mobile controls
🛠️ Fixed a handful of bugs

This game is currently in Alpha, there will be bugs and missing features. As it stands, everything in the game is subject to change. We're extremely excited to finally share the game with all of you and look forward to your feedback!

Update Log:


There are currently no running experiences.