2 Years later, welcome to Live Life in the Wild Rp as a Wolf 3! A whole new map, more morph options, and so much more. Explore, fight, and roleplay as a wolf!
This is the last wolf roleplay game I make. 45% done.
Map change will be added; so during the game you'll be moved to a new area, and will be allowed to explore content, animations (lay down animation) may be added, bear morphs, might be added as well! 
Have fun!
{VIP: VIP is the same VIP as Live Life in the Wild Rp as a Wolf 2, if you do not have VIP and want to purchase VIP go to this link:}

[FOX MORPHS are ONLY limited time ONLY in this game, I am making a separate fox roleplay. Since the game is new and the foxes will BE one of the hidden animal morphs you can be, they are available to everyone for a bit! Fox kit morphs are being made soon!]
- Thank you Sally for the thumbnails!

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