+++NEW Stuff and Bug Fixes+++

- decorations are now available in the Market
- animal pens can no longer be destroyed
- introduced Daily Rewards

Welcome to Farm with Friends. Design and build your own farm. Change the layout, add new buildings and decorations and plant and harvest crops as you expand your farm. Play in your farm with all your Roblox friends as they help you tend to your farm. You can also help your friends by visiting their farm.

+++ Game Features +++ 

🔨Build, customize & expand your own farm. 
⬆️ Upgrade your farm to unlock new crops, buildings and other items. 
🌱 Plant & harvest different crops. Add new buildings to produce different foods and items. 
💰 Complete customer orders to earn Gold. 
❤️ Invite friends to help you grow your farm. 

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There are currently no running experiences.