Hello and welcome to Nukes 4 Kidz: The Next Generation, version 6! Here you can nuke your friends all day long with the super-flash rocket launcher, or have fun in the Bouncy-House xTreme. Then again, you could use the Invisible Überxplode Ball of Doom to rain death upon the many hundreds of robot Telamons that don't do anything but wait to die -- and then regenerate so you can do it all again!

If you're out of things to do, see if you can find the hidden Torso-Remover: rockets can go right through your torso; you need to be hit in the head to be wiped out. Or see if you can find the Heal-Pad, instantly restoring you to full health!

Finally, beware of the middle platform: you're not going to die -- immediately, that is!

Have fun playing in Nukes 4 Kidz: The Next Generation!

"Nukes 4 Kidz" is copyright © 2007 William, the owner of the ROBLOX account William.

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