In the southern islands of Greece, lies TRA's Crete training facility.                                        
This place is mainly for TRA Events, so doing joint events here isn't recommended.
                                                                                                     List of weapons that work here:                                      
Replication, Sword, Silenced, Theory, Mini, Medpack, Timebomb, MG52,RSE,TSB, Zero, Enforcer, ######## AAR2, AR4, ARCher, AT96, AgentGrua, Sub4, Classic_MG, Classic_Rifle, Classic_Sniper, Autoshot, Cycler, Designation, EG1, Elimination, FST, Firefly, G55, G55_S, Homefront, Hunting_Rifle, Targetter, Type_15, Model_84, Model_89, VZ4, Reverser, Rotational, Vaquero, Solitaire, Stumpy, Hurricane, MachP, Modern_R, Classic, Saw, RevM, Classic_Medpack, Classic_Shotgun, AT96, Glutton, Medkit, Method, Nuke

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