- Endless survival:
	- Fixed one cause of rounds not ending
	- Fixed guns of other players not having the proper animation
	- Fixed monkeys not working
	- Maybe fixed body breaking when dead on other players' screen
	- Fixed the start timer that stays if you joined late
	- Fixed doors, traps, perks that can't be bought if you joined late
	- Fixed game not ending if the last alive player leaves

- Juggernaut mode:
	- Maybe fixed server getting laggy over time
	- Fixed teleport pads teleporting to the ceiling
	- Fixed the gamepass Killer Choice not taking effect immediately when purcahsed in-game
	- Added a badge: The real juggernaut
	- You can now see the juggernaut's health and his name when spectating

- Fixed "Return to menu" teleporting to public servers on VIP servers
- Fixed scream having the weapon hold animation in killer mode and juggernaut mode when stealing a weapon
- Improved projectiles hit detection

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