What secrets could lie in Area 51 ? Explore this mysterious place and find it out !

Latest update: V14.0 - Renewed Dunes (02/07/2022)
- Remade the surface
- Remodeled Freeze Gun
- Added kills counter for each team in killer mode
- Added survivors killed score in killer mode
- Added "Clickable object" in interaction style settings
- Added 4 badges
- Added more sound effects to killers and objects
- Added victories leaderboard in juggernaut mode
- Added more music configuration in main menu
- Revamped Leatherface
- You can now configure aiming sensitivity
- Private server owners can now set a custom start round and max players in private endless matches
- Private server owners now have a chat tag
- Private endless matches must now be started manually by the owner
- Maybe fixed arms falling off
- Many other bug fixes and improvements

Experienced a bug ? Chat "/debug" and send the shown information on social media below.


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