What secrets could lie in Area 51 ? Explore this mysterious place and find it out !

Latest update - 05/07/2021:
- New inventory system and UI
	- Added save order feature to save tools order
- New run button
- Fixed fire mode switching that was buggy on mobile
- Fixed field of view being incorrect when running and aiming
- Fixed walking while down in endless survival
- Fixed some random death happening, especially in juggernaut mode
- Fixed a bug where a weapon can shoot when unequipped
- Fixed some grammar mistakes in storming mode
- Fixed a memory leak causing servers to be slow
- Fixed sniper scope that shows above mobile buttons
- Moved Eyeless Jack spawn location
- Improved ability control on mobile of Fishface, Robot, Smile Dog and Sonic.exe
- Buffed RayGun, Landmine and Crossbow damage radius
- Nerfed Tails Doll popup ability
- Many other fixes

Have a problem with a weapon ? Chat "/debug" and send the shown information to homermafia1.

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