What secrets could lie in Area 51 ? Explore this mysterious place and find it out !

Latest update - 23/10/2021:
- Added a boss to boss rush mode: Aberration
- Added 6 badges
- Added saving system for endless survival matches
- Added more sounds to killers
- Added "Speedrun mode" in settings to disable your gamepasses
- Added vanish ability control for slenderman
- Added ability to swing stolen item with Ghostface
- Improved game loading time
- Changed inventory key to roblox's default one and made it configurable in Settings -> Controls -> Computer
- Improved rake fling and slenderman teleport ability control on computer and mobile
- Fixed increasing hitbox when holding large weapons
- Fixed some inventory bugs and improved order loading behaviour
- Buffed R870 and P90 stored ammo
- Buffed killers walk speed in Killer mode
- User experience improvements

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