Thank you so much for checking out this store!
 Be free to give this store a like, I'd highly appreciate that💙
All Shirts + Pants are at the lowest price that ROBLOX allows, 5 Robux each. T Shirt's are 4 Robux.
If you have any feedback, be free to join my group + post it on the group wall or send Blizzei a message
* The Try on tool is now fixed and others will be able to see what you try on! 
* COOKIES, you can grab a couple of these goodies inside the store 🍪
* More clothes added in the new section 👕
* Updated the interior + exterior a little bit
* Removed Shopping GUI and replaced it with two shopping bags, one per type of asset (One tool for shirts and the other is for Pants)

Tags: Home Store Clothes Clothing, Street wear Aesthetic Casual Cute Cool Shop City Chill Trendy Trend Style Sylish Outfits

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