Welcome to horse tycoon 2!
-- 👹CODES👹 --
✔ 600K  -Gives 750 horsebucks!
✔ 20Khaybales   -Gives 20K haybales!
✔ 700K  -Gives 150K haybales!

-- 💕OUR GROUP💕 --

--🦄 UPDATE LOG🦄 --
✔ Map Tweek
✔ New Pets
✔ Updated Put Het
✔ teleport to petHut button
✔ New cash spawns 
✔ New game icon and thumbnail

--🎉Special thanks to🎉--
✔Developers: Zeusnickster, RustyBeefySmack, Jasper
✔Builder: CamBlockz

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