The latest update has probably corrupted most of your ship saves, sorry for that. Keep in mind that this will probably happen a lot during beta.

This is intended to become a space roguelike type of game. If I ever finish it, that is. For now, you can test two of the most important game mechanisms : the ship builder and the battle mode.

Here is a list of what still needs to be done :
-Finish the ship builder
-Build the main menu
-Test for any bugs
-Add more content (weapons, abilities, prebuilt ships...)

After I'm done with all of this, we'll see about making an adventure mode ;)

Recent main additions :
-Continued the UI, you can now give ships you made to your friends
-Started re-making the ship builder UI and system, you can now choose colors for your ship
-Introducing bots, which can repair crippled systems

Press H to know more about the controls !

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