🥚 Egg Hunt 2019: Each bear has an Egg Hunt quest for you, and they all reward at least 1 Marshmallow Bee item. Collect 3 and trade them in for Bee Swarm Sim's Egg Hunt egg! (It's a hat you can wear in any Roblox game, not an egg you hatch in game)

There are many Marshmallow Bees in the game, and you can claim an extra one with the promo code "Marshmallow". Panda Bear gives 2, Science Bear and Polar Bear give 3, and Riley Bee, Bucko Bee, and Stick Bug give 5 each. If you ate your bees there's still hope. But don't eat your bees if you're trying to get the egg, listen to the bears!

Note: Always share your Jelly Beans with other players! If they collect the beans you toss, you both get the buff, and you get an extra buff as well!

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