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We're working tirelessly to develop Maze Hunter for an optimal experience. If you have any feedback regarding balancing issues or new ideas, do not hesitate to send me it! New features and current ones alike will need balancing to make the game more immersive and fair!
Current Updates:
-Single Player added (Please be patient with it)
- Zarkonataur added (Flame wielding minotaur)
Credit to the following for development: Iceberg49, BOF, crazyblox
- Complete Revamp of Minotaur attack system!
- Randomized Coins! (done)
- Smoothened Gameplay
- Lag Fixes! (done)
- 2 new maps!
Maps: Labyrinth, Abandoned Sewer, Perdition's Mansion, Darkness Cave, Elemental Islands, Club Vertigo, Chilly Volcano, Science Laboratory

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